The 5 Patterns of Outstanding Achievers

A prominent psychologist during the early 1900’s Dr. Edward L. Kramer states that, “Men follow your feet faster than your mouth”. It is another way of saying that your actions are far superior influential than all the eloquent words you can muster. Men are swept-away by how strong your actions are than by how good you are in speaking about it. We may have the right words to say most of the time but if we don’t back it up with strong actions, it would mean less. In fact it would only create the opposite, people may get skeptical about our capacity to deliver a quality performance and become weary about trusting us if we can truly deliver at the right moment. And unless we are a public speaker or we do speaking as a living, it would be better to say less about our objective and act more because the latter speaks louder. In this way, we appear more powerful than saying mostly what are we going to do since people would expect more because of what we say.

So what are strong actions and how do we acquire it? Actions that are strong convey attention, power and respect. It is not just some random actions that come out of the blue but it must be rooted with our core being within the areas of our life, mind, body and heart. It should be aligned with the purpose that we are designed to do. Yes, it is the essence of what Jesus has said about praying unceasingly. Because we do actually honor our Creator, Our higher-self, the Infinite Intelligence, whatever we want to call it by the actions that are rooted with our purpose, the thing that we are bound to do for the rest of our lives on earth. It is the greatest prayer that we could ever give and thus it is also said, “Words without deeds is dead”. So does it mean that we live our lives like a monk and remain focused and edgy all the time?

Nothing could be further from the truth. It would be a mundane existence and we would simply live our lives just going through the motions if we don’t balance our lives. Every vessel that accumulates too much of anything is bound to give. Our bodies, minds and spirits need relaxation not instant gratification. There is no such thing as bad if we know how to manage it. In fact the adage, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” also holds true in relation to this. We become more effective if we know how to merge play with our work. After all life is a game therefore we must know how to play it. Having the desire to do what you truly wanted and that desire is rooted within your true nature which is in your heart is the highest expression we can offer which benefits other people as well.

“The 5 Patterns of Outstanding Achievers” is a distillation of stories based on experiences and practical knowledge from the world’s most prominent achievers of our time about what makes a human being perform at its best. How one achieves his highest potential, the ‘flow-state’ and how everyone regardless of talent, gender, age, ability or status in life could reach its highest potential, your life work. Indeed there is no amount of persuasive skills in speaking that would come close to the influence of a great work. The stamp of a great art of work announces itself and seduces crowds and by itself can solidify your reputation. Before you even speak it has already preceded you. It is the pathway to power, influence, riches and greatness and it is within our grasp. It is ours for the taking.