STRATEGIC THINKING  did not come natural to Alfred Quinsay when he was starting his career in sales during the 90s. He started his career as a salesman in his early 20’s, then jumped from one career opportunity to the next. He became a Certified Public Accountant after passing the board exam in May 2002 and immediately changed career paths from sales executive to accountant. For the next 10 years, he worked with different industries from gold mining, logistics, BPO, manufacturing and education.

Aside from the aforementioned, he also started his own business in 2011 a few years after earning a degree in MBA at the prestigious Ateneo Graduate School of Business. With all these gainful experiences in different industries and formal education, he realized that business was anything but predictable. Although the metrics and different business analytics he learned in school proved useful to some degree, apparently it was not enough.

It has to be combined with strategic thinking in order to achieve those KPIs. An accountant may only disclose a minor portion of the business potential, yet it is rarely a good indicator. That is why many accountants are clueless how businesses are being steered beyond the financial statements. Knowledge may be power, but reality has a more precise take, technical knowledge combined with emergent strategy works better.

To learn more about technical knowledge combined with emergent strategy among others, Alfred Quinsay conducts seminars, write books and blogs which are written in a story-like, captivating format about different types of strategies in various environment settings and platforms. He’s been conducting seminars since 2015, and have earned excellent reviews from participants and readers alike. His seminars are CPD accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Alfred Quinsay is an Author, CPA, MBA, a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Digital Marketing Professional. He has written more than 5 books to his credit which ranges from business and accounting to contemporary fiction that deals with real-world scenario.

He is  also involve in Toastmasters International, in which he served as President of the first Toastmasters Club in Asia, Tamaraw Toastmasters Club and an Area Director of District 75 of Toastmasters International in 2018-2019. His Industry partners include Emerge Local, Inc., and Lyon Software Technologies.

Creäte fresh perspective in the competitive world of business and work environment through Innovative Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and other Engagements that Add Value to Our Clients

To Empower Professionals, Executives and Business Owners, Locally and Abroad through Trainings, Seminars and Management Consultancy and equip them with the Practical Application of Strategic Management in the environment of their practice








  • RELIABILITY – Information can be verified based on facts
  • AUTHENTICITY – Validity of the information
  • RESPONSIBILITY– Ownership of the task at hand
  • EFFICIENCY – Timeliness for appropriate decision-making


  • KNOWLEDGE – Having proper training and education
  • EXPERIENCE – Practice of Profession through the years
  • EVOLVING – Growth and adaptation in the changing business landscape
  • PROFICIENCY – Skills taken to the next level through continuous professional and personal development


  • DUTY – It is our moral duty to serve our clients
  • EMPATHY – Service with Compassion
  • ADDED VALUE – Going the extra mile and delighting our clients
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Awareness of our client’s needs


  • EXCELLENCE – Attention to details
  • SIGNIFICANCE – Having an impact on our client’s profession and business
  • RELEVANCE – Making a difference to our client’s decision-making skills




Alfred Quinsay

ACCQ Managing Director