Beyond Skin Deep

Can Women be taken at face value? I was once confronted with a fact that what a woman thinks is attractive in a man and how a woman responds whether she is attracted are two different things. The first is logical, you may even say, universal. Like women prefer a man who is well-educated, hard-working, athletic, maybe even tall and good-looking. But on the other hand, they respond to another. If it were not so, then why do we see a lot of women end up with the opposite of what they think and say is attractive in a man?

It was 2007 I wanted to date other women since I became available in the market (I became single again). But the drawbacks of having married early were that, I practically lack experience with other women. The only reference I had with women aside from my ex-wife was, my mother. And you know what mothers are, especially my mom. She’ll always try to shield her son from the uncertainties of life even though I was in my thirties as if I was still in the fifth grade.

So I had to learn the psychology of women in order to build relationship with them, alright and also to pursue my hidden agenda. At one point, I looked for relationships in order to fill a void and have my testosterone-filled mind served. I tried a lot of styles to look cool in front of women in order to be liked by them. At first I tried the techniques such as pick-up lines, then, as I advanced, I studied women’s body language such as eye contact.

So when a woman makes eye contact with you across the room, make eye contact with her until she looks to the other direction. If she looks sideways, there’s a possibility she may be engaged but she may consider hanging out with you, so you’re still in the game. If she looks down after the eye contact, then, she may invite you to her secret garden. But if she looks up the ceiling after eye contact, she’s saying, “don’t look at me, creep!”

Another instance, I met this woman in Starbucks where she was completing some tasks on her laptop and somehow, I was able to impress her with my walk and posture as I went to the counter to order. I tried to master the walk of James Bond, cool and suave. He was the ultimate smooth guy even in the face of extreme pressure. So I adapted it as my own. My walk and swag caught the attention of this beautiful lady as she gave me her business card.

This cool chick meantime was a journalist of a reputable business magazine so I went for the perfect set-up. I told her I am putting my own business and needed some information and research about a certain industry. It was clandestine work but there was also romance in the looming. So after a few days, I went to her office and met her. My cover was simply airtight but I was giving her hints and undertones. After about an hour of stimulating conversation, I told her that I have to leave and attend to other business matters (to keep her wanting for more). And just like James Bond, I left her on the lobby of that balcony with a touch of mystery. As I was walking towards the exit of that building like a champion, I know she was looking at me from that balcony and as I strode past the guard, I didn’t see that there was a glass window that was so clear and transparent that you would think there was no obstruction. Then as I was walking gracefully with smooth strides like James Bond and slightly turned my head to wave goodbye, ‘boom’, I felt my whole body rammed into this transparent, almost invisible glass wall. I could hear the noise reverberated up to the lobby where she was watching and the window glass became visible as it seemed to wobble from where it stands. There goes my James Bond act, and my cover blown. That was the last time I saw her and the last goodbye I gave.

Someone said that, “Women are a great barometer of a man’s personality and character and where he is at”. Ok, I made that up. But that’s because a woman is more attuned to their emotions and are more intuitive than men. And again, all those years of searching and looking for relationships and love, and that hidden motive as well, has brought me to my ultimate search, and that is myself. I tried to fill that up with so many things and to look for someone and something else in order to give me fulfillment and to make me complete, only to realize that the one I’m truly looking for is the one I am looking from. Let us not try to figure out women or people in general, it will only make us disillusioned and disoriented as well. But if we truly understand our self and the purpose of our existence, then from there we can understand every being and see beyond skin deep.


(Taken from my humorous speech)