Embracing Your Dark Side

What is primal is often our dark side. We’ve been told not to take-up something which hasn’t been done before. The experiences and perceptions of those who were before us, our parents, relatives, friends and teachers tell us, if we want to pursue something, it should be the tried and tested way already. In other words it should be proven by others first because if we don’t, they would simply downplay and we suppress our dark side instead of embracing it, manifesting in ways that does not serve our best interest which becomes destructive.

In many college education these days, a great number of schools advocate that students undergo a curriculum that is leaned towards the development of the analytical, logical mind. Nothing could be detached from the truth when in reality many students stifle their innate potential because they are succumbed to abide by the school or the so-called formal education system. They are left with patterns others have developed.

Nineteen out of every twenty of us are ignorant of our capabilities that we’re endowed with because we have not studied the one thing that makes would us tick, and that is ourselves. We have made to depend on a pattern, a system that has been used by others which may have worked for them but not necessarily for everyone. The old maxim, “Know Thyself”, has not been heeded, so we stumble on, realizing only that we never seem to get ahead.

Our schooling never included a formula for living successfully in these troubled times. Virtually most people die with the larger part of themselves undiscovered. We live and die without ever having discovered the continents of possibilities within. We make a little clearing, erect a small hut and plant a little garden, but ignore the great expanse all about us. Consider this, a child is given an agenda by his parents by letting the school system in charge how his way of thinking should be, overloading him with information and undermining his deep down dark side which needed to be expressed.

He is despised by his classmates and teachers if he fails in an exam and be rewarded if he make good in it. What does it suggest? He needs to conform to the old system of the old way of thinking and if he thinks differently, he will be despised even more. Now he is left to think with his logical brain which only stifles that dark side which needs to be expressed. He wants to belong so he will make use of that artificial hand me down knowledge which is not his best gift just to fit in the world.

At work, he uses that hand me down knowledge just like everyone else because again, if he leaned on towards the unorthodox, he would be thought of as some kind of a freak, a weirdo. So he goes by his menial nine-to-five job because that is what many of us are doing without even questioning the premise of such. Sure, it is a ‘secured’ job that our parent and even our teachers and peers have always believed. Why go against the grain? Besides, it is that agenda our folks thought would be best for us because it is what most of us have been doing.

Most people live out their lives from the cradle to the grave, never discovering their true selves, the nature of their true being. The greatest thing that can happen to a human being is to be aroused, to be waked up to the knowledge of the working power within each and every one of us. The first step to a successful life is really self-discovery, for no matter how great one’s dormant possibilities one cannot use any more of them than he has discovered.

Recognize that we humans do not aspire for heights in which we could not climb. The migratory birds fly south during winter and is guided by their instinct. Our dark side is something that is innate in us already and we just have to cultivate it through the lifework that we are capable of bringing into reality and our greatest contribution to humanity. It is something that would stretch us to our limit at the brink of impossibility to take us higher yet it is within our capability.