“Gender Sensitivity”

“If women can do it, so can the men”, said the Human Resources Chief of one of the government agencies in the country, a gentle yet straight-forward woman who’s in her early sixties told me once when I visited her in the office. She was referring that if a woman can rear a child, there is no reason why a man cannot. Fair enough, but does it mean we are altering what nature had intended us to do?

According to her, five percent of the agency’s annual budget should be spent on educating government workers about the importance of gender sensitivity. It is a nationwide campaign that requires all government agencies in the country to allot a portion of their annual budget on the propagation of this so called, ‘gender sensitivity’ issue. Needless to say, it is quite a lot of attention and considerable cost they are giving on the issue.

Apparently during our meeting, I cannot help but give reference in jest to the streamer which has been advertised ostensibly on the streets and a lot of public places about a picture depicting a lady in her twenties allegedly being ‘stalked’ by a man, whose picture appears hazy on the background while he is looking from behind the lady, who seemed to look uneasy on that picture. A phrase which describes the scene that says, “Stalking is a form of sexual harassment”. This as well as the other examples of sexual harassment advertised on streamers.

She told me, “Yes, it is included. It is also part of the campaign of the gender-sensitivity issue.” Obviously these examples about gender-sensitivity is geared advantageously towards the female gender and I have yet to see or hear an example of campaign geared on the advantages of the male gender on this issue. The title may seem impartial as it suggest a neutral almost non-threatening nomenclature about the sensitivities of each gender whatever it may be.

My personal opinion on this one as a father is that this is good, since I have two daughters who are in school, a college and a junior high-school. Knowing that my daughters have rights and they are protected by the state. Somehow, this would minimize the risks on the streets and maybe on most institutions. Nothing could be more re-assuring for a father than that his daughters will be safe.

However, there is also a danger in going too far with this. The gender-sensitivity issue may appear neutral as the title suggests but appearances may be deceiving. We have to remember that there are a lot of groups that may ride with this issue or who knows, they might be behind all of these. When there is a certain amount of politics in an issue, you can be certain that only certain parties would be served in the long-run.

The objective of this blog is not to politicized or to side with any groups but to bring out the highest potential of the individual through education and being well-informed, not through media or commercialized programs on television but by helping one discover his or her true potential through integration of the realms of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In this regard, how can one discover his or her true potential if what is natural is being suppressed in favor of another which the individual may not be fully-capable to do in their natural state.

A woman or a mother who has reared a fetus for nine months and the instincts of nurturing a child are innate, it is what nature has endowed the female gender. A man rearing the same is like giving the woman a hammer, saw and the tools to help build a building or giving her M-16 and send her to war. Both genders are not equal in these respects, it would be awkward at best. Each gender is made for specific purpose that each one can accomplish that is unique in their make-up whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

It is how each gender is built and it is refined through experience. It can never be the other way. You may train a man to rear a child but it would never equal the ability of a woman because that is what she is made of, physically as well as emotionally. True, there may be exceptions but in general, it cannot be a rule much less a law since this would be a violation of one’s inherent nature. In parting I would like to end this blog with a saying, “Men are born to master their environment, women are born to master the motives of men.” Let us try to be sensitive. But let us be sensitive in the right direction.