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Business beyond the Balance Sheet.” In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, the one who would thrive and have the competitive advantage is the one who is not only equipped with the information in regard to the professional’s expertise but also knowing how and when to position his or her services in relation to the business environment.

This course will show the professional how he can come up with sound decisions by choosing the best strategy based from the environment of the practice, amidst the global pandemic, thereby increasing his productivity and value to the client. Understanding the benefits of becoming a strategic thinker will give the professional an edge both short-term as well as long-term.

The following competencies to be gained from the seminar among others are:

  • To gain understanding of the analytic elements of the consulting process
  • Be able to determine the types of the consulting process
  • Know the industry and its latest practices where the company is operating
  • Learn the different approaches to management consulting practices
  • Gain knowledge about various negotiation techniques in dealing with different clients and in different situations
  • Learn to recognize opportunities from a current client by anticipating a would be concern of the client based on the practitioner’s engagement thereby creating added value
  • Know how to present financial management models
  • Determine the Phases of Problem-Solving Process

Identify threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths and learning how to position oneself and exploit the situation by using Strategic Models such as Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths (TOWS), Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE) and Internal-External Matrix among others.


Who should attend

  • Business professionals who want to understand the language of business and the meaning behind it
  • Accountants who are so caught up with financial statements and quantitative figures and need to learn the more substantial qualities of a business
  • Marketing and Sales people who want to play a sharper game
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • CPAs who need to hone their communication and evaluation skills
  • Business graduates with no plans to wait around
  • Career changers

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“Job well done… Congrats… I’ve learned a lot when it comes to decision-making. Being aware of others’ feelings and controlling anger is a must…”

– Claire A. Alferos, DENR

“This is Very Good to those who want to reach their Goal in Life to become Ultra Successful in any field that they want to pursue. Keep up the good work”

– Aldwin Anob, CSC Company

“Thank You! I learned a lot! I enjoyed the topics/ Sessions and food. “

– Christopher Allen Gagni, Financial Advisor

“A very good topic for everyone.”

– Marc Genesis Banzon, Internal Audit Division, DENR

“More training like this.”

– Juana P. Bulseco, DENR

“Very nice seminar. Relevant to all students or even working individuals”

– Regina Joy Titco, Operation Supervisor

“Excellent One!”

– Lerson B. Mane, TESDA


– Roberto Caratian, Jr., TESDA

“We are pleased to inform you that we are receiving a lot of positive feedback for your assigned topic.”

– Neil U. Sison, President, Moores Rowland Professional Of the Future, during Internal Auditors Conference

“Thank you and congratulations as well for you outstanding performance in our Leadership Training. The evaluation says it all!

– Adrian M. Amistad, Asian College

“Kudos to ACCQ Consultancy Team for a successful Road to Personal and Financial Success seminar. The seminar depicted topics which are relevant to day to day journey of each individual — to which can be applied to both personal and professional lives. It was great that distinguished speakers conducted the seminar, and who truly inspired us in so many ways. The staffs were also approachable, and ready to assist. Looking forward to more seminars like this in the near future. Congratulations again, ACCQ!!”

– Mars Adamos, BPI Family Bank, on the seminar, “The Road to Personal and Financial Success

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#Alfred Quinsay ( Enter Action with Boldness)
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#Learnmore.Godbless.Ive learned much in this Seminar.Hope to attend more of this ,end of this year.See you soon

– Julius Mitre, Entrepreneur, on the seminar, “The Road to Personal and Financial Success”

“Had just recently participated on their seminar, and it was truly productive. Staff were pleasant and helpful. Speakers were amazing and knowledgeable, were so generous in providing practical tips. Totally life-changing! Not to mention their distinguished guests who have shared invaluable knowledge and wisdom. Thank you and more power to ACCQ team!”

– Mitch Halili, Entrepreneur, on the seminar, “The Road to Personal and Financial Success”

“Topics were explained well, very interactive activities and participative applicants. I have learned new things.”

– Edna Paguio, on the seminar, “Strategic Management for Acountants”

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