The Core Values of ACCQ Consultancy are the barometer of how our services are measured in our workshops and seminars as well as our engagement of management consultancy with our clients. These core values are interconnected and complement each other and is present in every phase of the process whether in our workshops and seminars or in our management consultancy engagements. And like the principles in financial accounting, where it is supported by its key ingredients, our core values consist of the general characteristics which drive our service offerings and give that added service value to our clients and participants which we consider as partners.

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Management Consultancy engagements with clients probe into the root causes of the symptoms of the problem through a series of process that are designed to reveal the loopholes in the main cogs of the system as well as develop strategies thereon. It is a step-by-step Phases of Problem-Solving Process developed by the Institute of Certified Management Consultants Philippines. Typically, in most management consultancy engagements, which include Feasibility Studies, Business Planning, Strategic Management, Accounts Management, Marketing Management and Internal Control among others, this procedure serves as our guideline in addressing the glitches within the operations of our clients in order to come up with a sound strategy appropriate for the requirements of our clients which we consider as our partners.


This is the phase where we Identify the root cause of the problem.
This is where we gather facts, analyze them Clarify the requirements of the best solutions
Selecting the optimal solution to the problem Developing a detailed plan of action
The purpose of this last phase is putting the detailed plan into operation
  • Accounting Services
    • Many companies nowadays whether the company has been around or a startup, would want to focus on their core operations instead of putting up an accounting department and hiring people which may only add up to the operating expenses of the company without being commensurate of the cost benefit analysis to the company
    • These companies basically want relevant information for decision-making so they can go about the core operations of their businesses
    • With this in mind, ACCQ Consultancy can provide the necessary accounting information as well as preparation of financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows using an accounting software
    • The procedure can be simplified in the following as we take care of the rest:

*Additional procedure which may be necessary

  • Business Registration
  • Tax preparations, filling and planning
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Accounting System Implementation:
  • Financial Budgets, Projections and Forecasts
  • Variance Analysis
  • Formulation of Financial Models
Subjects Include
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
    • Development of Financial Reporting Framework
    • Presentation of Financial Statements 
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Equity
    • Other Topics
    • Updates on Special Concerns, i.e., Globalization, Digital Information Technology
  • Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting
    • Partnership Accounting
    • Corporate Liquidation
    • Joint Arrangements
    • Revenue Recognition
    • Accounting for Home Office, Branch and Agency Transactions
    • Business Combinations
    • Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Foreign Currency Transactions
    • Cost Accounting  
  • Management Advisory Services
    • Management Accounting
    • Financial Management
    • Management Consultancy and Effective Communication to Stakeholders
    • Strategic Management
  • Taxation
    • Principles of Taxation
    • Tax Remedies 
    • Income Tax
    • Transfer Tax
    • Value Added Tax and Percentage Tax
    • Updates on Special Concerns
Includes Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting for Non-Accountants and Startups Interactive Accounting Tutorial:                                              URL- 
  1. Technical Competence
    • The Strategic Management for Accountants 2.0
      • The highly successful seminar conducted last September 7, 2019 at the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City, The Strategic Management for Accountants will have its second running on March 7, 2019. The same topics will be discussed like the first seminar which made most of the participants became highly engaged particularly on topics about Strategic Alliance and Concession Techniques’ 4 Cs, TOWS Strategy, and SPACE Strategy among others. With additional methods and techniques that will be featured on this leveled-up version of the seminar. An enhanced version of the first seminar and definitely a must see for those who want to level-up their skills and knowledge in strategic decision making. Register now to reserve a slot.
    • TRAIN Law Updates: Income Taxation
      • Be up-to-date on the changes in the Income taxation system. From Individual income taxation of employer-employee relationship, self-employed, optional 8% rate, itemized deductions, Optional Standard Deduction, to using the regular graduated income tax rate table. We will show the participant whether he or she is a CPA or a non-CPA, employee or entrepreneur the best alternative that is more advantageous and legal. We will show how it is done by presenting the simplest examples. We will also cover the salient features in other areas of income taxation such as corporate, partnership, and capital gains among others. Don’t be left behind and conduct your business efficiently by taking care of your tax concerns.
    • PFRS / PAS Latest Updates
      • Financial Accounting is the core of the Accounting Practice. This is where the principles of financial reporting were made of. The conceptual framework provides the guidelines necessary for the accounting professional to discharge its duties that comply using the highest standard that is adaptable in today’s business environment. Latest updates from the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards and Philippine Accounting Standards or PAS on how the current accounting standards would affect the accounting practice as far as financial reporting is concerned. How these standards and updates relate to the big picture in order for top management to have informed judgment based on the fundamental principles of financial accounting and reporting.
    • Auditing Made Easy
      • Auditing is one of the core services in the accounting profession. Aside from taxation and bookkeeping, the most commonly sought after accounting related service is auditing. It is where accounting starts and auditing begins. The foundation of auditing in the accountancy profession is your knowledge in financial accounting. In this seminar, we will take up not only the latest standards applied in the PSA or Philippine Standards of Auditing but also a practical approach for both accounting and non-accounting professionals who want to know more about how it is done and how it is in connection with every department within their company.
  2. Professional Development Skills
    • Effective Communication and Negotiation Skills for Professionals
      • Technical skills will only get you up to a certain level. It is the development of your personality through effective communication that will take it to the next level. Most of our major objective and goals depends on the cooperation of other people. In this seminar, we will demonstrate how you can influence your superiors as well as your colleagues and clients by knowing the rudiments of proper communication and negotiation. We will show you the 4 C’s of communication and negotiation techniques where you can leverage yourself even if you are coming from a position of weakness. Seasoned communication and resource speakers from Toastmasters International and from various fields equipped to train the participant how to acquire this valuable knowledge that can be turned into a skill.
    • How to Pass the CPA Board Exam 
      • Many candidates in the CPA Licensure Examination develop the techniques and methods on how to pass the CPA Board Exams but end up short. They hone their “outer game” without putting much work on their “inner-game” so to speak which is equally important as the techniques itself. We have seen the latest CPA board over the last few examinations with only 16% and 14% passing rate and leave candidates as well as potential candidates scratching their heads in the hopes of hurdling one of the most if not the most difficult board exam in the country today. How can the average candidate overcome such odds?
      • In this seminar, we will show the participant, presumably someone who is aiming to become a CPA, the “inner-game” of passing the CPA Board Exam. Reviewees and newly graduates are welcome in this seminar as long as you’re not yet a CPA. Even graduating students who wanted to make a difference and understand the inner-game early on are also welcome to join the seminar. Whether you are a newly graduate, employed, first-time reviewee or multiple times reviewee but still could not pass the CPA board, this seminar is for you.
  3. Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes
    • Social Framework and Responsibility for Accountant
      • The primary goal of most businesses is to profit in its operations and to be profitable at the same time. What this means is that companies should be aware of both its short-term as well as its long-term profitability. And in most cases, pursuing a long-term strategy which makes the company more profitable in the long-run is other than just gaining short-term profits. The factors that affect long-term strategy which leads to long-term profitability and overall growth include the social, ethical, and technological among others. In terms of ethical, there is no straight-forward rule on being completely ethical. But the ethics as well as the social part is rooted in sets of principles that govern human values and understanding. For accountants, this is a primary concern since accounting generally is a position of trust to the company.
      • In this seminar, we will demonstrate and explain not only the ethical side for accountants but also delve into the deeper understanding of the social psychology behind some ethical traits that are acceptable in an organization. We will take into consideration the sound principles at work in order for long-term growth and benefits to occur.