Strategic Management for the Accountants

Teaser from the seminar: The Strategic Management for Accountants. What do you think is the most damaging blow whether to a business, a professional or to a person?

Answer: It’s the one you did not see it coming, the one that blindsided or sucker punch you as in boxing. Why? Because you didn’t have any time to react, it was so fast it left you dazed and confused even before you can react.

There are countless real-life stories in business, professional or personal lives. Most of them remain untold and have disappeared in circulation simply because they got devastated by the impact. We shall take up in the program, The Strategic Management for Accountants, the sum and substance of these events.

We will also learn how to neutralize and evade the blow of such impact and use it to our advantage by applying unconventional techniques. As a prelude to the seminar, the accountant, who is known to be a pencil-pusher, an analyst and not a strategist. Good in details but not so good in looking at the bigger picture. But one thing an accountant possesses is his or her ability to understand the language of business which is a good head start. The seminar, The Strategic Management for Accountants, thus gives them a working knowledge of the environment of their practice.

Business, as we know is a very dynamic field of study. It goes beyond the four corners of the academic institution and thrives in an environment which is characterized as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. An accountant or a professional per se, moves within such environment through the company or companies they’re engaged in and perhaps, most of the working population in general.

We find ourselves working in a company within a particular industry that is getting interconnected with another industry more than ever. And be that as it may, the one who has the advantage is the one who knows how to position and strategize his or her practice in the environment they are operating. The Strategic Management for Accountants goes beyond the financial statements. You see beyond the numbers.

We will recount some of these similar stories and give examples of entities, which some have attained global status or prominence in their industry and into what went wrong. Taking to account the lessons and how we could anticipate it from coming to our own experience and even reverse the situation. Striking a balance between what we know, what we don’t know, and what we think we know which our assumptions are. As we gear towards discovery-led decision making. Welcome to the Strategic Management for Accountants.

This Strategic Management for Accountants is also open to all professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn unconventional wisdom that can be useful in their own practice.

The Strategic Management for Accountants